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If you make one mistake on the paperwork, you risk your immigration status. If you do, you can begin the lengthy process of becoming a U. Often, people struggle to complete the process. There are many laws regarding immigration, and the policies frequently change. According to the U. There are many great opportunities for people from other countries to live in a prosperous manner.

The immigration process is a slow one. Whether you are fighting to get into the country or to stay in the country, the Florida Immigration Law Counsel can help. For instance, non-residents can attempt to get a cancellation of the proceedings.

If successful, you could receive a green card. You could benefit from experienced legal representation. They can stand up for you and fight for your right to remain in the country. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding this niche of the legal system:. We have years of experience with immigration law.

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If any of the applicants are qualified for the job, you could be in a bad situation. Often, there are several different visa options or strategies for immigration.

For instance, deportation proceedings happen in court. She has helped many female victims of domestic violence referred from No More Tears with their VAWA applications and is always thorough and quick to respond. Saman Movassaghi is fantastic! They need to publish the job in a publication and interview applicants.

Some people choose to navigate the immigration system alone.

She does this for free and out of a passion for helping students understand the intricacies of immigration law and the challenges faced by people undergoing various immigration-related proceedings. They know which visas can get you quicker as well as other ways to get you more rapid.

Additionally, you can save time by allowing them to fill out the paperwork. However, not all skilled workers can do so. She takes on immigration cases which are beyond the scope of many lawyers and successfully resolves them. If you or someone you know is looking to move from another country into the US, you should know some basics of immigration law. After the two years is finished, you need to apply for a permanent green card. Her presentations are always well-received.

The persecution needs to relate to race, religion, nationality, political views, or social activity. If you commit any crimes during the first two years, you risk losing your residency status.

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You need to speak the English language, have a knowledge of American history, and show good moral character. By working with an immigration lawyer, you can find your way through the complex system that often prevents people from remaining in the US. Contact the Florida Immigration Law Counsel today to learn more about how we can help.

However, the employer needs to prove to the Department of Labor that your immigration will not affect American workers. However, when you choose to work with an experienced immigration lawyer, it can help you to have a deeper understanding of the process while an expert attorney guides you through the necessary steps in the immigration process. However, some people struggle with their immigration status. As a result, you might not be able to remain in the US. Some skilled workers come from other countries on work visas. First, they can discuss your options.

Your goals of immigrating to the area may be able to come true.

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If you have a green card, you may be able to become a citizen. If you have family in another country and are a resident of the US, you may be able to help them get into the US. However, there are many limitations. Furthermore, you need to correctly fill out the paperwork and provide the right documentation.

Immigration lawyer in pembroke pines, fl

Visas and other requests can demand mountains of paperwork. There are only certain workers that can legally live and work in the US. A potential employer can file a request for you.

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Asylum allows people to remain in the U. There needs to be a history of persecution, or evidence that persecution is likely to occur. You can work with an attorney to reduce your chances of an error.

However, it can also be done by uncontrolled groups. There are some exceptions. For instance, green card holders can only petition for their spouses and unmarried children. South Florida is a place that immigrants come to be apart of the American fabric and pursue their dreams.

If you want a good outcome, you can improve your chances by working with a lawyer. A green card allows you to be a legal U. When you first receive your green card, it is only good for two years. Finally, a lawyer can speed up the process. Fortunately, you might be able to fight the deportation or removal proceedings.

Sometimes, attempting to get the correct Visa, fighting deportation orders, or going through the naturalization process can put a hamper on your dreams. Whether you are a permanent resident or a non-permanent resident, you could be issued an order stating that you will be removed from the country. In some cases, the persecution comes from the government. They can petition for their married or unmarried children, siblings, spouses, and parents. If you are an employer looking to hire a skilled worker from another country, you should speak to a lawyer.

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Having worked with her as a paralegal, I have witnessed on a first-hand basis her integrity, professionalism and expertise in immigration law. Working with our team can help you, your employer, or your family member meet their immigration goals. But there are factors that can impact how soon the immigration can occur. US citizens have a little more clout. They can discuss your options.

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She has also supported this non-profit organizations by attending events and fundraisers. However, that can be terrifying. But you first need to meet all of the requirements for naturalization.

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Attorney Saman Movassaghi is one of the best immigration attorneys in the South Florida region. In some cases, you may need to show up in court. There are preference and priority dates. Her greatest skill is her ability to take on a case, boil it down to its smallest details and figure out the essential facts and applicable law before advising a client on the best course of procedure. The cost of living is affordable, which makes it a great place for immigrants to start a new life.

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Additionally, Saman has been a guest presenter several times in criminology courses at Barry University. For asylum to be granted, you must apply within one year of your last entrance to the US. If you miss that deadline, you risk being denied asylum. A lawyer can help you in several ways.