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Opi dating a Miami Florida review

This is such a pretty shade, it's so hard to tell what varnishes will look like out of the bottle but this has worked so well : P.

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Sometimes Ulta will release Ulta Exclusive collections that are really just renamed polishes. To Be or Not To Beagle. Have any of the Skyfall colors been renamed and rereleased? It had four re-releases and two limited edition colors that were exclusive to Cosmoprof. Poodle Pink Yuppy Puppy.

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Sr 2lo. So I just discovered a polish missing from your list. Hi again.

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I think this was released in A huge thank you for making this list btw!! Petersburgandy Suzi Says Da! Strawberry Fields Tangerine Scene.

Glow Up Already! Pink Merry! I knew they did this. From what I can work out Orange You Fantastic and Orange You Stylish must have been released in different countries since neither ad campaigns feature both the oranges at the same time.

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Ladies and Magenta-men Megawatt?! I came across a Black Shatter at a garage sale that is not on this list. Act Your Beige! Pls let me know if you can help me. Get in Lime! Cause I have several of those. Mod About You Nicole Alerts! Sorry for posting so many separate comments.

Golden Rules! Frenchie Like to Kiss? I Told You. Otherwise Engaged. Red Lights Ahead…Where? Another Ulta holiday exclusive from is Think Merry! Chills Are Multiplying! Try asking the people at imabeautygeek. Schnapps Out of It! Your Palapa or Mine? Looks like it is the missing International collection. OPI by Popular Vote.

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Anyone add anything? Is Mai Tai Crooked? I cannot find any info on either polish. Mourning Glory. Who the Shrek Are You? Thanks So Muchness! I found two more collections to add! Mod Hatter No Bees Please. Speak for Your-elf! Suzi Will Quechua Later!

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It ia very light nude color btw. Peanuts Collection — Halloween Good Grief! Miami Beat on Collin Ave. Sea Ya Later, Sailor! So far these polishes were part of it: Malibu Blue, Earthquake! Will You Mari-achi Me? You Rock-apulco Red! The More the Berrier. Your Royal Shyness.

Opi spotlight on glitter swatches and review

Legs Celebrate! Oh Baby! Sorry also forgot to mention that OPI did two to my knowledge exclusive Fall shades for Ulta this year in the most recent Washington D. Collection: Politically Polished and Front Runner. I think you misspelled a polish from the touring America collection. Look at My Bow! Night Sky. Venice The Party? Goldilocks Rocks! Como Se Llama? Happy Anniversary! From what I can tell it was a limited edition release in as part of a collaboration between O.

Found several blog posts about it.

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Your list has been so helpful. Do you have any idea? Just thought I would mention it in case someone else knows more about it. Conquistadorable Color Give Me Moor! Vant to Bite My Neck? I know there was a post about renamed OPIs a while back and they might be able to help you. Thank you! Need Sunglasses?

Opi collections list

My Dogsled is a Hybrid. I Love the Holidays! Is that a Spear in your Pocket? Red, Red Rhine. I was thinking… Are you planning on including renamed polishes that opi ly released for sephora by opi, or nicole by opi? When Monkeys Fly Which is Witch? Who Needs a Prince? Walk on Tverskaya Winter Palace Wine. OK Fine!

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Hey there, fab list!!! Thank you for this amazing reference tool! So, there are 6 polishes from this exclusive California Collection that I am aware of so far: Malibu Blue, Earthquake! Please help! Having trouble finding specifics though. Baroque…But Still Shopping! Stuff My Stocking!