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Course information

You will need to attach this to the package you submit. Current Driver's Current Vehicle Registration Current Vehicle Insurance card Medical card if you have one For vehicle registration and insurance, submit documents for the vehicle s that you will be driving throughout the academy.

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As this is an extensive document, printing it out and penciling in the answers before transcribing may be the safest bet. California Community Colleges require that a student be a resident of California for one year and a day prior to registering for classes. Note: Prices can be increased by DOJ at any time and the rolling fee for the agency can vary.

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Notice: The Riverside County Sheriff's Department is hiring Deputy Sheriff Trainee personnel; these new hires will be attending the intensive academies in the next couple of years. As a result of these hiring increases, the process for self-sponsor candidates will be changing and the of positions allowed for self-sponsored may be reduced.

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Option 1: Take college assessment and place into a minimum of English 1A or show proof of having taken an assessment English and Reading at another institution with placement in MVC college catalog equivalent course or above. A final decision will be made and you will receive a letter of selection or non-selection from Moreno Valley College.

You can visit your own physician or a local clinic. Students can schedule the assessment by contacting: Counseling Services : kelley.

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Contact Veterans Services, if applicable. If no future date is listed, Rhonda.

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Please contact our Admissions Office for specific details at Dates are updated frequently. Dates and time may also change. Apply to Moreno Valley College pdf.

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Post-Application Contact Sgt. Ramos Phone You will be contacted by someone at the academy to schedule your Physical Fitness Assessment. Candidates in the program receive practical and technical instruction to meet the requirements of various law enforcement agencies at the local, state, and federal level.

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By placing your initials here, you are indicating that you meet the requirement. Obtain a printout of your driving record. DMV Printout. Directions Map. Directions Map Web. Course Dates Academy dates are subject to change. A selection letter will inform you that you have been selected and provide the start date and ending date of your academy, and the date and time for the orientation. A non-selection letter will inform you that you were not selected for the current academy.

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She can be reached via at kristy. Please submit the T-score letter the agency sent you. Each year, more than graduates advance to careers at city, county, and state agencies. Contact Financial Aid : studentfinancialservices mvc.

Any agencies seeking to enroll recruits need to contact Sergeant Ramos at or ctcba riversidesheriff. The letter must be dated within 6 months of the start date of the academy. Agency-sponsored recruits do not need to complete the requirements listed below. : veterans mvc. Again, this printout must also be dated within the preceding 6 months of the start date of the academy.

After you have met all the requirements here, your name and print it legibly below the ature. Date the document. When making your appointment, be sure to check what payment methods they accept: cash, check, credit card.

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If you are thinking of applying for the intensive academy, please contact Kristy Paine prior to completing the process. Classes provide training geared toward individuals who have already been hired by a law enforcement agency sponsored students and people interested in a law enforcement career non-sponsored students. Upon completion of your packet, contact your post-application contact for submission and interview:. Complete and submit a medical physical examination.

Just because you turn in every document, does NOT mean that you will be selected to continue in the process or into the academy. If you are accepted, the letter will provide the next steps in this process. Patterson mvc. Print your College Application confirmation and bring it to the first day of class.

If you do not meet this requirement, you could be subject to out of state fees. Note: prices are subject to change and are approximated. Be sure to save as you go, so you don't lose any of your work.

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Print out the Peace Officer Selection Requirements document. The score must be within the preceding 12 months of the class start date.

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The Academy serves 11 counties in Southern California. It is very important for you to attend this orientation. Complete the Live Scan Fingerprint application process pdf and submit the DOJ firearms clearance letter that will be sent to you weeks later.

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This test consists of a 1. Current college students may visit the Health Services Office. Option 3: Provide proof of college degree Associate degree or higher from an accredited institution. Make sure to read the top of the with other documents you must take with you.

Peace Officer Selection Requirements pdf. When you make the appointment, make sure of the cost and methods of payment. Paine mvc.