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Rosa Mendes wants to find "The One," but even though we've watched her go on countless dates, she just hasn't found the right guy.

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Save FB Tweet More. I mean, get out of here! Did you have any concerns or requests when this story line was being fleshed out? I really hope so. How will Pimento react to this news? But for Rosa, there was a point for her where she heard that word somewhere along the line and she saw herself in that word, so for her, it was important for her to identify in that way. Michael Schur Dan Goor. Oh, Charles, Charles, Charles.

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And I just felt that that was a really interesting way of telling that story. All rights reserved.

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Request denied by Charles. Rosa would be good at coddling Gina for a little while, but not for very long.

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What was your take on that? Yeah, probably. Like, what life is this? Oh, guess what? I pitched a bunch of stuff and that was one of the things that I wanted to come in with as a pitch, but to my surprise, they already had it in their brains when I got in the meeting. Danny Trejo! Charles is such an intimacy addict — that to him is the biggest part of it. Danny Trejo was my first choice. What do you think i s important to see in the representation of bisexual characters on TV now? We are going to keep this person around because we love this person already.

Always want more Pimento. Have the actors been activated by these episodes? She still is who she is. Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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TV Show. There are some that are complex and different.

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Rosa and her dad are a lot like. I suggested that that word was really important to Rosa and that it also would be really important to the bi community to have that word said aloud on TV. What was that balance? Some fans have been obsessed with the idea of Rosa and Gina as a couple. NBC Fox. Do you feel this gives the writers confidence to do more? Because there are lots of amazing actresses that I would love to play these scenes with. Where did the idea to have Rosa come out as bisexual originate? Close this dialog window Streaming Options.

This is a group of people who are accepting and loving of each other. There are a lot of good coming-out stories.

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Episode Recaps Image. Her self-obsession may get in the way too.

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There are a lot of really rocky and horrible ones, and then there are some in the middle. On Tuesday night, in the 99th episode of Fox cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Ninethe notoriously tight-lipped, emotionally guarded, and altogether badass detective played by Stephanie Beatriz revealed something ificant to the ever-inquisitive Charles Joe Lo Truglio.

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Did the writers approach you more specifically after you came out on Twitter last year, or was it something that you pitched to them when discussing the character? But there were things that we wanted and thought would be really important — like the word itself: bisexual. Is there an appetite there? Crime Comedy.

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Both of them had ideas and dreams about who Rosa was going to grow up to be, and this completely takes them off the course of where they thought she was going. For me, bisexuality includes people that are trans, it can include people who identify in different kind of ways. And I do think that in some ways those two would make a really great team, but there is that slight problem that Gina is probably straight [ laughs ], so that will stop a relationship dead in its tracks. And it may mean that Jake has to tell a white lie or two to get her through getting the news to her parents. Rosa is just starting to delve the world of personal relationships, just in the last year or two, and so having any kind of difficult conversations is still really, really tricky for her.

I was really excited about it. I love him too. Danny Trejo plays her father. What was it like filming this episode, and in what ways — if any — did it mirror your own coming out?

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And he is so the opposite of how you imagine. I think I mentioned something. We had no idea, girl! She gets a lot of personality traits from her dad. She does have vulnerabilities, and one of her vulnerabilities is now whether or not she will be able to continue to blossom the relationship that she has with her family who she really cares about, but whose value system is different.

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Will we soon meet this mystery woman on the phone? It was absolutely joyous for me because I never, in a million years when I was a kid, could have dreamed that some day I would be on a set filming that story — a main character getting to tell that story. And she trusts Jake [Andy Samberg] implicitly. How does Charles handle her secret moving forward? Which brings us to her parents, Oscar and Julia Olga Merediz. I just think it would be so fun. The next episode really explores her coming-out in a multidimensional, heartfelt way, yet things men dating Rosa women not tied up in a bow.

That answer warmed my heart on many levels. I was really touched by him and the other writers, Carly [Hallam] and Justin [Noble], they used me as a resource quite a bit: I met with Carly once, I met with Justin to talk about the story line, Dan and I talked extensively about it. If Rosa ever decided that she wanted to marry a woman and then get pregnant, Pimento would be the first in line trying to be that baby daddy. Close this dialog window View image. The relationship is deepening.

The actress who comes out as bi also happens to be bi. What do you think about it?