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If you want to make friends in Portland, then this article is for you.

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We polled Oregon State students at the end of their first year for tips on what actually works for meeting people in your residence hall. When you're at home in your residence hall room, don't be afraid to leave your door open—it's a good way to strike up conversations with your neighbors. Eventually, hallway conversations led to longer talks, movie nights, and an entire year of great memories with her hall-mates.

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Ask anyone who lives here and the first thing they will tell you is that people are friendly, kind, and generous. Have you ed any clubs in Bend? Bend Relocation Services.

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There is a place and a group for just about everyone and everything, which is why Bend is known for its enormous sense of community belonging. Well, the Chamber of Commerce in Bend is amazing. Need I say more?

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Well, here are some places and clubs in Bend, Oregon to check out if you want to meet others with similar interests who also have the desire to connect or just simply learn about something new! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Have any other suggestions for meeting new people in town?

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The Deschutes County Public Library offers free classes in various fields at each of their branch locations. But in a community of overpeople most of which are not true Bend nativeshow does one find their own community in the city of Bend? All rights reserved. There are hundreds of groups waiting for new members in Bend. Looking for classes to refresh your skills or learn something new? Blogs Uncategorized. However, here is a concentrated list thank you Bend Bulletin of Support Groups for those interested or in need.

Of course, the accessibility to outdoor activities and the beautiful weather is on top of the list. Free, free, free!!!

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Tell me in the comments below! Learn how your comment data is processed. Classes at the Deschutes County Library: Free, free, free!!!

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Whether you want to learn more about meditation, tax prep, or creative writing, come meet others while learning something new! Reach out to get some tips from a local. Whether you are stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, stranded downtown without a cell phone or lost wandering around hiking trails, you can always count on a passerby to stop and offer their assistance. From social engagements to local news and politics, the Chamber is an excellent source for finding out what like-minded people are doing around town.

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If you post that your dog is lost, people come out of the woodwork to hang s and search as if it was their own dog who was missing. Facebook Groups are yet another great resource for meeting people and finding that sense of belonging. Search for:.

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