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Lubbock TX first date

I know that if living here single is boring in itself, so dating might see a bit difficult. This was three years ago. Overtime I learned that Lubbock has some secret gems that are going to force you to bring out your fun side, use your imagination, and be a little romantic.

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Enjoy this guide to date ideas in Lubbock, and if you prefer a more visual representation, the map below will show you where all of the recommended spots are so you can plan the perfect day. 4, others in weekly guides to the most beautiful places and hidden gems in the USA. With a cozy and welcoming indoor tasting room and outdoor seating available when the weather is nice, local couples love McPherson Cellars Winery for the friendly atmosphere and, of course, incredible wine list.

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The park has over different types of windmills on display, as well as other related items and paraphernalia. Prairie Dog Pete is the ambassador for the town, seen in and billboards.

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Sometimes a Great Notion — A tale of a hardheaded Oregonian logging family that goes on strike, leading the town to drama and tragedy. The theater runs amazing features around nature and science, making it one of the most fun things to do in Lubbock, TX. The Thunder Zone is a family-oriented mini-amusement center, The speedway track is where the action is, and children of all ages can test their mettle in go-karts on the speedway course.

Also on display are his iconic horn-rimmed glasses, which also survived the crash, and other personal items, guitars, and paraphernalia. As a result, crime stats temporarily trended upwards around In recent years, though, crime rates have been declining. Arguably one of the best Lubbock, TX attractions there is! But you could also just hang out on one of the beaches, or take a hike on the nature trail, where you can see tons of wildlife.

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On the first Friday of each month, local galleries and museums open up for a special event. Then read our comprehensive review! Never get caught with your pants down again! The Silent Wings Museum is an awesome tribute to these amazing air vehicles, with a focus on the program that created and developed them. Along the way, you will learn a little about the city, and even get to see some unexpected surprises.

1. mcpherson cellars winery

Because of the cities role as an important center for economic activity, education, and the medical industry, Lubbock is affectionately known by the locals as Hub City, and this wealth over history has turned in to a wealth of great things to do. Galleries may offer a snack or a glass of wine too, and you can always follow up with a classy dinner at a close-by eatery.

The hotel allows pets there may be extra chargesand Wi-Fi throughout is free. African Americans who have achieved success in their lives and professional fields are celebrated here, especially those in medical fields. Choose between three screens showing the latest blockbusters. Download an app and go on the prowl to find several objects and locations in the area. Several of the units remarkable still generate power and water, which is either used by the museum or sold back into the city power grid. Many of the structures are rare, including era electricity-generating wind machines.

Visit the old, authentic buildings and see what they were like to live in through superb indoor displays and exhibits.

Unusual things to do in lubbock

The night hikes are especially fun. Buffalo Springs Lake is everything you might want from a comfortable Great Outdoors adventure, even if only for a day. But with the open-style galleries and meet-the-artist opportunities, it becomes a fun social adventure. Summer months are warm, inviting walking around the town and through its parks and trails. But Lubbock is also proud of its history in other areas. There are lots of amazing stories to discover here. Written by the great Ernest Hemingway.

Top things to do in lubbock

It looks exactly like a normal belt except for a SECRET interior pocket perfectly deed to hide a wad of cash or a passport copy. The Backpacker Bible — Get it for free! Today, the theater is a home for drama and dance productions, touring musical acts and more. Of all the things you might expect would have a museum dedicated to it, windmills would not be at the top of your list.

When these conditions are likely, take advice from a trusted local, and apply a safety-first policy. These endlessly watchable critters have their own town within the Lubbock city limits. Yet the American Wind Power Center is the largest of its kind in the world, and one of the most popular things to do in Lubbock.

This might be using a corn cannon to hit some targets in the field, visiting the illuminated pumpkins, or playing with the farm animals in the barnyard. Best of all, the center hosts exhibits and activities that focus on specific aspects of ranching history, like their History of Beef exhibit.

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As with any major city center, it is advisable to take care of personal property, by using some common sense. It experiences extreme weather at times, including hail storms and lightning strikes. Just a few blocks from texas tech and some of the Lubbock Nightlife is the Sawyer Guesthouse.

Buddy holly hall and national ranching heritage center

The night hikes are free and start about half an hour before sunset, but no flashlights are allowed. The museum section hosts several permanent and traveling exhibits.

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It was also the birthplace and home of rock n roll legend Buddy Holly, a fact that the city is quite proud of. As we mentioned, Lubbock has dozens of music venues to relax at. Lubbock attractions for kids focus on learning, but there are some purely fun things to do for kids as well. Walden — The transcendental masterpiece by Henry David Thoreau that helped modern Americans rediscover nature and her beauty.

Lubbock hosts the biggest free festival in Texas every Independence Day — July 4. The various exhibits showcase early human history in the area, ice age wildlife and more. There are two-seaters as well for underage drivers to experience the thrill. And that old-timey vibe is still seeping through the floorboards. Given the pricing, this is prime value for money. Fun fact: Lubbock has the most music venues per capita of any city in Texas. Back in the old days, the drive-in was a staple of American teenage culture.

Or go for one of the other crazy corn-related hijinks. Also, as a tourist, stick to well-lit areas at night, around people whenever possible. Back during World War II, gliders were used to transport troops and supplies.


The grounds will allow fishing, boating, and canoeing in the slow end of the lake, and the ro are suited to various vehicles like ATVs. The concession building is even themed 50s, complete with milkshakes, box dinners, and corndogs. The Cactus Theater is described as the hidden gem of Lubbock, at least, in terms of entertainment. And there are plenty of trail miles to walk during the daytime, too. Besides the exhibits exploring the science of the dig and what has been found, there trails to walk. The hotel is fairly new, so its amenities and facilities, which includes aBBQ facilities and business lounge are in great shape.

The Lubbock Lake Landmark is a natural history site, showing a record of human occupation in the area that dates back almost 12 years.

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Get your copy here. If you feel competitive, you can compare yourself to other participants and try to rank on the leaderboard. Unless you want to. Feel free to bring some. Agriculture, World War II, and African American history all have museums or cultural centers here, and they are all well worth a visit.

Want more deetz on why we love it so damn much? The Buddy Holly Center is noted for containing the famous Fender Stratocaster recovered from the airplane crash that took his life. They were the first African Americans to own their own pharmacy.

Today, the museum celebrates the achievements of others like the Caviels. Lubbock is experiencing above-average economic growth, which makes it a fast-growing city. The town is a protected property — as are the prairie dogs — but you can view them from a pavilion. Word on the Prairie Dog Town street is that they love carrots. Read our tips for traveling safely before you fly and always get travel insurance.

Check out our roundup of the best travel insurance. The de of the huge auditorium and high ceilings harken back to a night on the theatre being a special event.