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Known for its historic heritage dating back before the Revolutionary War, Fredericksburg, Virginia's, Its historic sites, quaint shops, and chef-owned restaurants mean there's no lack of things to do in your off time. These attributes regularly beckon visitors to the area, which means that all the residents here have plenty of opportunities to meet people from around the world without ever leaving town.

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After the American Revolution, Salem began to make the transition from an insular settlement into an emerging town. Electricity, a public waterworks, and telephone lines were all advancements which came to Salem in the s and s and helped boost growth through the next decade.

Welfare recipients in Roanoke County increased from families to 1, families in a matter of months.

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Both sides suffered casualties: the North lost about 30 men killed, wounded, and captured and 10 pieces of artillery; the South lost a fraction of that amount. Economic setbacks due to the stock market crash were felt as early as when Salem workers lost paychecks during a two-week shutdown of the Norfolk and Western railroad shops. Salem paved its streets with concrete in order to accommodate the increased automobile traffic through town.

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In response, a predecessor to the Chamber of Commerce was formed on a voluntary basis to seek new industries and stimulate trade. The way Salem and its residents faced the world in which they have found themselves over the years makes their history distinctive, and worth a closer look. Those who survived often ed other tribes to the north and south.

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Following the Civil War, Salem faced a period of great civic change. Of the hundreds sent into battle, 43 Salem men died in the war. Skirmishes between settlers and Native Americans heightened during the last half of the 18th century. Older stores were renovated and decked out with modernized fronts.

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The Lutheran school, drawn to the community due to its central location, soon grew into a thriving academy for young men. Population: 22, In the thirty years since its birth, Salem City has grown considerably, even as it maintains an old-fashioned, small-town community feel. Before the praying stopped, 15 Salem men were killed in World War I. After the War, Salem adopted a council-manager form of government—leading to an increased emphasis on the improvement of public works.

Fort Lewis, named in honor of Andrew Lewis, was constructed to the west of what became Salem in in order to protect area settlers. Three days later, the County Court convened and swore in six lawyers to practice in the new territory. Those who returned found a different hometown than the one they left.

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While hardships and losses during the War Between the States were many, Salem managed to avoid complete devastation. In fact, Roanoke was one of the few colleges in the south which operated throughout the Civil War, with a home guard troop of students drilling weekly on the campus lawn. And yet, there is only one Salem, Virginia, USA, and it has its own particular chapter to add to the tale.

Brief history

Two Union attacks on the town resulted in the destruction of railroad lines, depots, barns, storehouses, horses, and supplies — but in relatively few deaths. European explorers Thomas Batts and Robert Fallam, who came upon the settlement ingave the area its first recorded name: Totero Townafter the Indians who lived there and supplied them with a guide to help further their explorations.

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The narrative Salem City has to tell is that of every American city touched by wars, economic upheavals, and civic challenges—as well as by a few healing, helping hands along the way. This burst of growth, however, was stunted by the Great Depression.


In addition to repairing streets and bridges after years of neglect, the town worked to establish free public schools for both white and black children. His efforts were successful.

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The earliest history of Salem exists simply as archaeological evidence of Native Americans, dating from B. Although the first Indians only passed through the area in hunting parties, Native Americans began establishing semi-permanent villages shortly after discovering they could cultivate agricultural products such as corn and beans.

For those left at home, the World War II years exacted a mixture of perseverance, zeal, and grief. During World War I, Salem won national prominence as one of the few towns in the country in which every child owned at least one War Saving Stamp. Through the sale of those lots, Salem quickly grew into a prosperous community serving travelers as they headed west along the Great Road.


Andrew Lewis High School sponsored pre-induction training for draft-age boys, and first aid and nutrition courses for girls. John McCauley, a resident of Salem who had served in the House of Delegates, was commissioned by the town to lobby the legislature in Richmond toward that end. In addition to introducing the native population to new technology, colonists also brought with them diseases such as smallpox and influenza which killed a ificant of Indians.