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Officials of the State University of New York at Binghamton are being criticized for their delayed response to what the police say was a bias attack on four Asian-American students by three white members of the school's wrestling team. One of the students injured in the Feb.

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What is your daily routine like? One big five-year goal was to do a better job of supporting transgender students who wish to medically transition during their time here. In our five years, the center has served mostly students, even though working with employees is in our mission.

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This is a hybrid class co-taught with a student affairs professional. For example, one professor who was concerned that a lesson plan and slide deck she developed may have made transgender students feel uncomfortable because her topic was specifically gendered. Five years in, how would you describe the Q Center? If I were to stay, the next program I would put together would be a senior-year program to bookend the FYE course — a capstone.

The work has been about building the space and creating a few ature programs that make sense for University-wide initiatives and impact with programs like International Pronouns Day to help people learn more about trans and non-binary gender identities. What is the Safe Zone - Active Ally program? The work has really been more about creating community on campus and the center is well at the center of that!

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I was able to keep Ian on to specifically to work to build and roll out our Active Ally program. Through Pegasus we offer an orientation program for about students each fall. Those first few months were all about paint and ordering furniture.

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We get those kinds of questions often. What was the first thing you had to tackle? What does this campus need?

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Students wishing to transition can do so with the support of medical providers at home or in Binghamton and our on campus providers track their progress providing necessary care while they are on campus. It was beige and brown.

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I would encourage a new director to explore this opportunity. Q Center reaches five-year mark.

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We have one Graduate Assistant, four to six undergraduate interns, one to two graduate interns and 25 or so undergraduate volunteers who work with us. For the first four years, whenever I went to speak anywhere I would ask how many know that we exist. With the work of our University partners, the University Counseling Center and the Decker Student Health Center, we have been able to reach that goal in the first four years.

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We are doing a better job of connecting with our alumni, but we need leaders who can help raise some money to support undergraduate researchers who want to do research in LGBTQ issues. How do I market to non-binary people or how do I work with transgender women in pharmacy? I would love to see us do something and identify a couple of really positive sex educators to work with.

The program is multi-tiered; currently we are working on Tier I. In the first year and a half it has really taken off among faculty and staff.

Suny binghamton is criticized over anti-asian attack

It gets rave reviews each year. What was the personality of the space going to be? I think it would make a difference for our students as they are exiting our institution. I noticed right away that they had great skills in workshop development and facilitation.

The support the first-year students need coming in is the same support seniors need going out. When Kelly Clark arrived at Binghamton University in April as the founding director of the Q Center, she got right to work, and the center was open at the beginning of the fall semester. What would you say to someone stepping in to fill your position?

What makes sense as a University investment?

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I believe that, in our first five years, everybody who is paying attention knows that we have a center on campus. Can you say more about your First-year Experience program?

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Posted in: Campus News. Today, we are very proud that we can support students in finding all of the resources they would need to graduate and enter their professional life as the person they know themselves to be. The original impetus for the creation of the center came from two initiatives, according to then-Chief Diversity Officer Valerie Hampton. We think the students in majors like the arts, theater, HDEV, the social sciences — these students easily find each other.

We have developed a strong consulting role that supports the development of policies and procedures across campus or simply to answer questions from our colleagues in the rest of the institution.

What is the return on investment for having a center on campus? Image Credit: Jonathan Cohen. The need for the Q Center came from both initiatives, Hampton said, along with incorporating it into the new Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that was in development.

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These students come together to plan monthly events for their peers. The center has become a great place to meet people and have those more personal and identity-based conversations. She asked for help in thinking through teaching the topic in a way that was less gendered.

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How do I choose an employer? Student are exposed to various resources like the Fleishman Center and library staff, but its also a safe place to learn and talk about LGBTQ identities.

Q center reaches five-year mark

What is my level of comfort? There was certainly some crossover participation of persons on both activities. Getting a new center off the ground is a heavy lift. A big return on investment could also be supporting our students in healthy relationships and sex education. The first three years of the center it was just me and students to get the work done. We sat down with Clark recently to talk about the center, its goals and its aspirations.

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