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Dating with Valley girls

Set to a new wave '80s soundtrack, a pair of young lovers from different backgrounds defy their parents and friends to stay together.

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If you picture all California girls as blonde, blue-eyed, completely shallow females who compensate what they lack in intelligence with attitude, then you've got it completely wrong. California has a lot of beaches, but not everybody surfs.

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Some adults make sexually charged comments towards teenagers. Julie inspires Randy, prodding him to take a deeper look at his own thoughts and emotions. Back to Top. More by Emily Clark. Emily studied film and writing when she was in college. Share on twitter.

Games Books Donate. Julie gives up everything to be with Randy. Couples dance together throughout the movie, and a teacher separates one couple for dancing too closely at prom. But we can say that their relationship has lasting positive effects.

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In Theaters. ComedyDramaMusicalRomance. The cool kids used words like tripendicularwore teal eyeliner and popped collars, and hung out at the mall every night. Emily Clark.

Positive elements

By pouring that into his music, he is able to accomplish his own goals of becoming a successful musician. A few tops reveal cleavage. Latest Reviews. Other Negative Elements Julie gives up everything to be with Randy.

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The Suicide Squad Read Review ». Randy has a lesbian friend named Jack. A boy graffities a wall.

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Share on. People make references to being drunk.

People make references to male and female anatomy, sometimes crudely. People lie and steal. Julie and Randy initially abandon their friends while dating. Drug and Alcohol Content Teenagers drink alcohol throughout the movie at clubs and parties. Teenagers drink alcohol throughout the movie at clubs and parties.

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On a deeper level, the emotional heart of the movie revolves around a mother guiding her daughter into the next stage of life by reliving her own experience. Spiritual Elements None.

Valley girl

A school principal asks his students not to spike the punch at prom since he got a DUI the year. This starts a fight between Randy, Mickey and some others, and Randy and his friends are thrown out. Facebook Instagram Youtube.

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Julie is grossed out when her mom starts using euphemisms about sex. They get into a fist fight and have to be pulled apart. The s-word is used twice. Home Release Date. Mickey asks Julie to prom by having his teammates paint the question onto their backsides and mooning her.

Movie review

Blog Podcast About. And teenage rebellion and recklessness are all over the place here too. And we knew all the words. Randy hits Mickey in the face, and Mickey starts bleeding. Unfortunately, this weighs pretty heavily on Randy. Violent Content Randy hits Mickey in the face, and Mickey starts bleeding.

Valley girl

Girls wear short skirts, crop tops and leotards. Randy and Julie make out several times. Sexual Content Randy and Julie make out several times. Although this causes some strife and awkwardness, they both realize what their friends mean to them and find ways to make amends.

Two boys use urinals though nothing is seen. His world of punk rock was different from anything Julie had ever known—after all, she had never even ventured out of her own zip code before that. Annette Read Review ». Two teens smash empty liquor bottles to vent some steam.

Orion Classics. Some boys look at a magazine called Playpen featuring a woman in lingerie on the cover.

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Randy drives past a club called the Pussycat Theater featuring a provocative illustration of a woman out front. Respect Read Review ». We see people on the beach wearing bikinis and swimming trunks. Share on facebook.

Valley Girl. Weekly Reviews Straight to your Inbox! Free Guy Read Review ». It was about deciding where you wanted to go to college, figuring out what you wanted to do with your life, and perhaps most importantly, discovering who you want to be.

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A girl wears a Sex Pistols T-shirt. Movies TV Music.

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We hear several stories about people vomiting, and in one case we see it. He takes some of these frustrations out on Julie, mocking her for caring about what her friends and family think, and she responds by pointing out that at least she has people who love her. A close-up shot shows some girls adjusting their undergarments over their clothing.

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It appears that two boys pair off together for a skating competition and later two girls dance together at prom. Crude or Profane Language The s-word is used twice. May 8, Rachel Lee Goldenberg. A teenage girl suggestively mocks her friend by grunting and moaning. A boy grabs condoms before heading to prom and tells his date that he got a hotel room for them. But rather than talk to Julie about his fear of rejection, he embarrasses her by not showing up at important events and sabotaging the ones he does attend.

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