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It was her sophomore year. She worked as a lab assistant in the science department, responsible for a small menagerie of rats, rattlesnakes and orphaned birds.

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He had a sister, 2 brothers and 5 nephews along with a grandson. He and his older brother would sometimes go down to a small school and take beat up old bikes and try to ram them into each other with the school's outdoor hallways. He had two girls named Danielle and Aryn. I miss him greatly and so do all of his friends and family.

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They also would get beat up cars, take them to the salt flats in the Bay Area, and race them. Don Lappegaard was a Vietnam veteran.

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During the war Pat lived at her parent's home while Don was in Vietnam. One time he went fishing for sharks off a train trestle and used cow's blood to attract them. Once he married Pat, he went to a junior college and then he got a bachelor's degree at Cal State Hayward.

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In June ofDanielle got married and in she had he first child, Jordan. He developed close friendships with several of his fellow Marines. I miss him too. Biography Don Lappegaard was a Vietnam veteran. At age 17 Don ed the Marine Corps so that he might get the GI benefits that would help him get an education.

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If a train had come on that bridge, I would have much less to write. He stepped on two types of traps in the ground. At the time he was a father of two daughters, and married to Patricia Nunez. During the war he was a machine-gunner.

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He broke many bones throughout his stay in high school due to sports. He was not a rowdy boy, but you could say he was a "self-destructive" guy. June 26, Marine Corps.

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The first one he stepped on was a pongee trap, which was basically many sharpened bamboo stick place in the ground. Because of Don, I choose to the Marines.

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Pictures of the war were much harder to come by, unlike today, so it was hard to visualize the war. Aryn soon married as well but was not ready to have kids. During high school, Don was an extremely popular athlete that got good grades and was a star football running back. He was my inspiration.

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She was a switchboard operator at Montgomery Wards and went to school part time. But in their junior year they started "going out" and were high school sweethearts.

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When I asked her how she felt when Don was in the war she had this to offer, "The war was difficult to understand, and the news images were not like today. I knew that it was dangerous, and very, very hard, but in some ways it did not seem real.

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He found several prize possessions a pillow and a silk parachutewhich were later taken from him when he got hurt. He broke his jaw, several ribs, and his ankle. Born in Russellville, Alabama on September 12,he died at the age of 52 on June 26, in Visalia, California.

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He began teaching elementary school fourth, fifth and sixth grades. During the late '60's in the United States, the military draft was happening.

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Donald Lappegaard. Don was well-liked and at the time Pat had a crush on his friend.

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Don was extremely proud of Jordan, and every second he could be with him he was. Don died on June 26, at the age of The reasons for his death were due to his severe back injuries from the war that came back to haunt him. During their youth, when Pat was at work, he would help out with childcare.

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He was the "fun" dad that the children went to when they wanted candy but weren't supposed to have, which left Pat to be the disciplinarian. First they eloped in the summer ofbut they thought Pat's parents would be hurt by not have a wedding for Pat or not taking part in her wedding because she was their only girl. He died a beloved husband, father, grandfather and uncle.

The second trap was a land mine and he received the Purple Heart medal that all injured troops receive, along with being discharged because his injuries were so severe. Don and Pat met on their first day of high school.