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Dating dwarfs Dallas Texas

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Though some of the little people are in it just for fun, others, like CJ, clearly could use the money—or the escape.

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His cap is turned sideways. As the music starts, CJ rushes into the crowded house with three other white guys dressed in matching blue fraternity t-shirts.

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On our way home, I think about the pressure it must put on Zanetti. Near the end of the song, Zanetti fights his way through the crowd.

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The clip ends. She drove all the way out to a biker bar in Rowlett, got up in front of everyone, and danced while keeping her clothes on.

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We call it a night. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. He dismisses the competition with a frank retort. Zanetti waves off critics who see this sort of thing as exploitative. Browse all newsletters here. A few minutes onstage in front of an adoring crowd can be therapeutic. The video follows a simple premise: the GS Boyz are bored, so they throw an epic house party.

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Shortly after that, Zanetti got a call. I hate it. Inside, the place is spotless and cozy—blankets neatly folded on the couch, souvenir spoons mounted behind glass in a case on the wall. In slow motion, CJ moves to the right, and then to the left, one last time.

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This is his dream. This, more or less, explains how he fell into the business. He feints toward the DJ booth, the ax blade cutting the air in a tight arc that stops just short of the turntable. He clashed with the manager.

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Not that Zanetti is looking for new talent. This is the kind of humor you get used to when you spend enough time with Zanetti. Before the first event, Zanetti met with the announcer and they agreed to a little schtick. Mascotsa mockumentary shot in Dallas starring the late Gary Coleman. Inside, the place is spotless and cozy—blankets neatly folded on the couch, souvenir spoons mounted behind glass in a case on the wall, Seated at the kitchen table, CJ tells me how much he loves the gigs. The way he sees it, a show, if it were to succeed, would enable everyone to work full-time as an entertainer without his support.

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Newsletter Keep me up to date on the latest happenings and all that D Magazine has to offer. The crowd loved her. GOT IT! Outside, a stoic cop and his partner jog up the concrete steps and pause at the front door. The scene cuts. Though nearly different genetic conditions are classified as dwarfism, only one in roughly 10, people is affected. Zanetti earns very little for his time.

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One such entry features Katie, a curvaceous blonde who wants to be the first dwarf to pose in Playboy. What Zanetti gets in return is less clear. In the doorway, Kenny Bingham, a handsome 4-foot-2 sales rep who acts a little on the side, throws Moore a wry smile.

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His girlfriend had left him, too—all in the span of a few weeks. Zanetti stuck around until she was back on the road, figured that was that. Then came the biggest blow: his father died. He was lucky to be alive. Today, CJ seems to be doing better. It sounds like armchair psychology, a bit too easy, but I let it go as he parks the car and lifts his 6-year-old dating dwarfs Dallas Texas Brooke out of the backseat.

He called everywhere—strip-o-grams, talent agents, the works. A ghoulish mask hides his face; a skin-tight shirt clings to his lean chest above a pair of DayGlo orange cargo pants. Black sunglasses shield his eyes. That was bad enough. One day, he mouthed off, got fired. CJ was in the hospital. A few minutes later, Karie Robinson called. You work with little people! When somebody wants to hire a dwarf for a party—often around St.

Many of his friends and clients have nicknamed him, simply, The Dwarf Guy. Earlier in the week, he tells me, he danced for a bachelorette party at the Gaylord Texan. That Zanetti could even assemble a cast of dwarf entertainers in a city like Dallas already defies big odds. He prefers his clients not to do strip shows. Seated at the kitchen table, CJ tells me how much he loves the gigs.

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Others peg the figure at one in 26, Dwarfism is not tracked by the city or county, but if that statistic held up, it would mean there are only little people in all of Dallas County. His living expenses are covered by other ventures—booking bands, selling beauty products, a little bit of family money. Word spre almost exclusively among the little people, who trust him like a benevolent, if somewhat eccentric, older brother. Then he landed at the Dollar General in Princeton. The mutant psycho struts across the stage of the Granada Theater wielding a battle ax almost as long as his 4-foot-5 frame.

Outside of his MySpacehe does not advertise. Zanetti earns less. The dwarfs have also starred in low-budget movies such as Midgets vs.

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But he also started demanding a certain level of professionalism. He smiles as they reach in to carry him away. I start sweating. I enjoy seeing people have a good time. Her head lolls against his shoulder.

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Eddie Zanetti, perhaps sensing my confusion, explains. I like to help people. For the past five years, he has helped promote the acting careers of 17 dwarfs in North Texas. Write to [ protected]. Zanetti and his partner inch closer. Months ago, he set up a fight night that featured dwarf boxing. About five years ago, he received a call from a friend.

Judging by TV Guide alone, it is a remarkably advantageous time to be working with dwarfs. Things went downhill there, too, and he was laid off. We turn down a long dirt road, and Zanetti parks his black BMW in front of the double-wide trailer where CJ lives with his year-old grandmother, Sharon. CJ, dancing alone, does not see him. CJ, Zanetti tells me, has had a hard life, and a few weeks ago things bottomed out.